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(List of Available Public Finance Policies (for NYU Wagner students))
(List of Available Public Finance Policies (for NYU Wagner students))
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##[[Tax increment financing]]
##[[Tax increment financing]]
##[[Tax lien procedures]]
##[[Tax lien procedures]]
##[[Tax repatriation holidays]]
##[[Tax repatriation holidays]] (Reserved by user: eagle9eye)
##[[Tax return audits]]
##[[Tax return audits]]
##[[User fee financing]]
##[[User fee financing]]

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The purpose of this page is to list policies available for adoption by students as part of the Student Learning Module. This page should be reviewed in conjunction with the Student Assignment Instructions.

Selecting a Policy. Below is a list of pre-generated policies anticipated for inclusion on Policy Atlas that may be selected as part of the assignment. Each policy can only be completed for the assignment by one student--once it’s taken, it’s yours for the assignment. Policies are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis by emailing both your professor and PolicyAtlas at policyatlas_exec@googlegroups.com. We will then confirm that the policy you requested is yours and remove it from the list of available policies.

If you would like to cover an alternative policy concept that is within the policy area but is not listed, please email PolicyAtlas for feedback before beginning the assignment. For more info on how policies are selected and named, you can check out the FAQ and the list of Policy Types.

List of Available Public Finance Policies (for NYU Wagner students)

    1. Balanced budget requirements (Reserved by user: kevinmhansen; NOTE: shown as example, may replace kevinmhansen with student's username and delete this note)
    2. Capital planning requirements
    3. Continuing resolution allowances
    4. Debt restrictions
    5. Earmark restrictions
    6. Emergency financial manager designations
    7. Intra-agency budget reallocation allowances
    8. Inter-agency transfer allowances
    9. Investment return assumption restrictions
    10. Legislative entrenchment restrictions
    11. Line-item veto allowances
    12. Participatory budgeting procedures
    13. Pay-as-you-go budgeting restrictions (PAYGO)
    14. Performance-based budgeting procedures
    15. Post-employment expense accrual requirements
    16. Program to eliminate gap procedures
    17. Reserve fund requirements (“rainy day” accounts)
    18. Retirement contribution requirements
    19. Tax growth restrictions
    20. Zero-based budgeting procedures
    1. Bond interest income tax exemptions
    2. General obligation bond financing
    3. Income withholding requirements
    4. Payments-in-lieu-of-taxes financing (PILOT)
    5. Private activity bond financing
    6. Property tax assessment standards
    7. Property tax reassessment requirements
    8. Revenue bond financing ag081015
    9. Scrip issuance
    10. Tax increment financing
    11. Tax lien procedures
    12. Tax repatriation holidays (Reserved by user: eagle9eye)
    13. Tax return audits
    14. User fee financing
    1. Budget account sweeps
    2. Budget sequestration procedures
    3. Competitive asset disposition requirements
    4. Competitive procurement requirements
    5. Hiring freeze procedures
    6. Loan guarantee designations
    7. Spending freeze procedures
    1. Budgetary reporting award programs
    2. Budgetary reporting requirements
    3. Procurement reporting requirements
    4. Tax expenditure disclosure requirements
    5. Transaction reporting requirements

List of Available Transportation Policies (for UVA students)

  1. AIR TRANSPORTATION (Commercial, Freight, Private, Helicopters, etc.)
    1. Policy: Airline antitrust restrictions
    2. Policy: Aircraft emissions standards
    3. Policy: Airport accessibility standards
    4. Policy: Building helipad provision requirements
    5. Policy: Cockpit access restrictions
    6. Policy: Flight manifest requirements
    7. Policy: Infrastructure bank financing
    8. Policy: International airspace sharing agreements
    9. Policy: Noise limitation controls
    10. Policy: Passenger bills of rights
    11. Policy: Road construction matching incentives
    12. Policy: Route subsidies
    13. Policy: Route subsidy limits
    14. Policy: Special passenger designations
    15. Policy: Vehicle fuel efficiency standards
    16. Policy: Vehicle fuel taxes
  2. LAND TRANSPORTATION (Automobiles, Bicycles, Bus, Motorcycle, Pedestrian, Rail, Trucking, etc.)
    1. Policy: Accessory parking provision requirements
    2. Policy: Automated parking system installations
    3. Policy: Bicycle share programs
    4. Policy: Bus rapid transit systems
    5. Policy: Car speed synchronization systems
    6. Policy: Congestion pricing systems (e.g., parking, tolls)
    7. Policy: Driver age requirements
    8. Policy: Driver handheld device use restrictions
    9. Policy: Driver handheld device use area designations
    10. Policy: Driverless car allowances
    11. Policy: Dynamic parking pricing systems
    12. Policy: Economic-based transportation fare discounts
    13. Policy: Emergency stopping lane requirements (i.e., shoulders)
    14. Policy: Emission reduction equipment requirements
    15. Policy: Enhanced driver assault penalties
    16. Policy: For-hire vehicle area of service restrictions (e.g., boro taxis)
    17. Policy: For-hire vehicle passenger bills of rights
    18. Policy: For-hire vehicle passenger complaint systems
    19. Policy: Helmet use requirements
    20. Policy: High occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane designations
    21. Policy: Informal carpool signage installation (i.e., slugging signs)
    22. Policy: License plate monitoring systems
    23. Policy: Linear park construction
    24. Policy: Off-board transportation fare payment systems
    25. Policy: Off-peak transportation fare discounts
    26. Policy: Off-road motorcycle parking allowances (e.g., allowing multiple motorcycles to use a car parking space; use a sidewalk)
    27. Policy: On-bus bicycle parking rack installation
    28. Policy: One-way street designations
    29. Policy: Park and ride stations
    30. Policy: Parking ramp construction
    31. Policy: Pedestrian scramble designation
    32. Policy: Pedestrian-only area designation
    33. Policy: Petroleum fuel subsidies
    34. Policy: Pre-tax employee transportation fare discounts
    35. Policy: Protected bicycle lane designation
    36. Policy: Railbanking agreements
    37. Policy: Rest stop construction
    38. Policy: Ridesharing allowances
    39. Policy: Road-rail parallel layout
    40. Policy: Sidewalk bicycling restrictions
    41. Policy: Special assessment districts
    42. Policy: Subsurface tunnel easement acquisition
    43. Policy: Taxi license sales (i.e., medallions)
    44. Policy: Traffic calming device installation
    45. Policy: Traffic calming device gap allowances (for motorcycles to ride through without hitting, e.g., speed bumps)
    46. Policy: Transfer transportation fare discounts
    47. Policy: Transportation hub construction
    48. Policy: Traffic signal synchronization systems
    49. Policy: Unprotected bicycle lane designation
    50. Policy: Variable lane restrictions (e.g., real-time changes like solar roadways, no L turns on weekday mornings, etc.)
    51. Policy: Vehicle checkpoints (e.g., fugitive, random, sobriety, etc.)
    52. Policy: Vehicle idling restrictions (taxis, delivery trucks, etc.)
    53. Policy: Vehicle speed restrictions (min and maximum)
    54. Policy: Vehicle towing and impounding programs
    55. Policy: Wholesaler warehousing requirements (i.e., at-rest laws)
    56. Policy: Wireless toll collection systems
    1. Policy: Beach nourishment
    2. Policy: Border crossing notification agreements (such as USA/Canada)
    3. Policy: Breakwater construction
    4. Policy: Dam construction
    5. Policy: Dredging
    6. Policy: Elevated road construction
    7. Policy: Emissions standards
    8. Policy: Lifeboat provision requirements
    9. Policy: Lift bridge construction
    10. Policy: Locks construction (of lock and dam)
    11. Policy: Levee construction
    12. Policy: Maritime container terminal construction
    13. Policy: Natural breakwater installation
    14. Policy: Naval escort deployments
    15. Policy: Naval patrol deployments
    16. Policy: Personal flotation device provision requirements
    17. Policy: Port construction
    18. Policy: Seawall construction