Goal: Decrease the rate of automobile theft, terrorism, and other violent incidents

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PolicyIs adopted byIs supported byIs opposed by
Accessory parking provision requirementsCity of New York
City of Chicago
City of Denver
City of Houston
Constituent Groups - Commuters
Constituent Groups - Local Residents
Constituent Groups - Automobile Clubs and Owners
Advocates - Automobile Transportation
Constituent Groups - Public Housing Residents
Advocates - Urbanism
Advocates - Mass Transportation
Advocates - Environmental Protection
Associations - Building and Construction
License plate monitoring systemsCountry of United Kingdom
Province of Ontario
Country of United States of America
State of New York
City of Los Angeles
City of New York
Government Agencies - Police
Electeds - Local Legislators
Electeds - Local Executives
Electeds - State and Provincial Legislators
Electeds - State and Provincial Executives
Electeds - National Legislators
Electeds - National Executives
Government Agencies - Highways
Government Agencies - Motor Vehicles
Government Agencies - Transit Authorities
Government Agencies - Transportation
Advocates - Public Safety
Advocates - Automobile Safety
Advocates - Automobile Transportation
Advocates - Bicycle Safety
Advocates - Bicycle Transportation
Associations - Insurance
Advocates - Civil Liberties
Advocates - Privacy
Advocates - Automobile Transportation
Constituent Groups - Commuters
Advocates - Disadvantaged and Minority Groups
Constituent Groups - Low-Income Residents
Advocates - Limited Government
Labor Unions - Parking Attendants
Labor Unions - Toll Workers
Vehicle speed limitsCity of Northern Territory
Isle of Man
Country of Switzerland
State of South Dakota
Advocates - Automobile Safety
Constituent Groups - Seniors
Advocates - Sober Driving
Labor Unions - Truck Drivers
Labor Unions - Construction Workers
Constituent Groups - Local Businesses
Constituent Groups - Tourists
Labor Unions - Taxi Drivers