Goal: Increase for-hire vehicle ridership

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PolicyIs adopted byIs supported byIs opposed by
For-hire vehicle surge pricing restrictionsState of New York
State of California
City of Boston
District of Columbia
Labor Unions - Taxi Drivers
Government Agencies - Taxi, Limousine and Other For-Hire Vehicles
Government Agencies - Transit Authorities
Advocates - Mass Transportation
Advocates - Sober Driving
Constituent Groups - Public Housing Residents
Government Agencies - Transportation
Advocates - Urbanism
Advocates - Smart Growth
Associations - Transportation Network Companies
Labor Unions - For-Hire Vehicle Drivers
Advocates - Environmental Protection
Sober driving vehicle checkpointsState of Alabama
State of Arizona
State of Arkansas
State of California
State of Colorado
State of Connecticut
State of Delaware
State of Florida
State of Georgia
State of Hawaii
State of Illinois
State of Indiana
State of Kansas
State of Kentucky
State of Louisiana
State of Maine
State of Maryland
State of Massachusetts
State of Mississippi
State of Missouri
State of Nebraska
State of Nevada
State of New Hampshire
State of New Jersey
State of New Mexico
State of New York
State of North Carolina
State of North Dakota
State of Ohio
State of Oklahoma
State of Pennsylvania
State of South Carolina
State of South Dakota
State of Tennessee
State of Utah
State of Vermont
State of Virginia
State of West Virginia
Advocates - Sober Driving
Advocates - Bicycle Safety
Advocates - Pedestrian Safety
Constituent Groups - Parents and Parent Associations
Government Agencies - Transportation
Labor Unions - Taxi Drivers
Advocates - Privacy
Advocates - Civil Liberties
Constituent Groups - Local Businesses
Constituent Groups - Commuters