List of Public Finance Stakeholders

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This page should be used in conjunction with the instructions found in Policy_Atlas:Stakeholders

List of Public Finance Stakeholders

List of Available Public Finance Stakeholders (Can be tagged as Supporters or Opponents):

ADVOCATES: Issue or cause-oriented groups that consistently advocate for a position or set of principles. Which might support or oppose your policy?

ASSOCIATIONS: Umbrella groups formed to represent collections of individual institutions (e.g., companies within the same industry) that share common goals.

CONSTITUENT GROUPS' Significant stakeholders due to their large size or propensity for being impacted by policies. Often large bodies with significant in-group variation and without a formal method of representative organization

ELECTED OFFICIALS': Individuals or entities who are publicly elected into a governance role and may be likely to oppose a policy regardless of their ideology based on the nature of the policy’s impact on their political role.

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: Entities formally imbued with governmental missions and powers.

LABOR UNIONS: Organized labor groups that represent and advocate for the interests of certain groups of employees.

PROVIDERS: For-profit and non-profit, for-fee or in-kind providers who deliver goods or services and may rely on government budgets for support.