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Instructions for Adopting a Policy

The Adopt a Policy page is a pre-generated list of policies that have not yet been completed and are thus available for adoption by contributors.

Whether you are a student who is participating in the PolicyAtlas Student Learning Module (SLM) or an independent contributor, you can use this page to identify and reserve a policy by clicking "Edit" above and then adding your PolicyAtlas.org username next to the policy that you wish to adopt. Each policy can only be adopted and completed once--once it’s adopted, it’s the adopter's policy to contribute. After each policy article is completed, it will be deleted from this list and will become the foundational draft for other users to edit and improve.

If you would like to contribute a policy that is not listed below, make sure to check the Category page to see if the policy has already been created. If it has not yet been created, then you are free to adopt it, though we do ask that you first email PolicyAtlas at policyatlas_exec@googlegroups.com (and your professor, if applicable) for feedback and approval. For more information on how policies are selected, defined and named, you can check out the Policy Types page.

After editing this page to add your username next to the policy, please read our instructions on how to contribute a policy.

List of Policies Available for Adoption

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice policies available for adoption can be viewed by clicking "Expand" on the right.

    1. Affirmative sexual consent requirements
    2. Controlled substance regulations
    3. Duty to rescue requirements
    4. Felony murder rules
    5. Good Samaritan protections
    6. Model penal codes
    7. Stand your ground laws
    8. Arson criminalization
    9. Assault criminalization
    10. Bias crime criminalization
    11. Burglary criminalization
    12. Insider trading criminalization
    13. Kidnapping criminalization
    14. Marijuana use criminalization
    15. Murder criminalization
    16. Trespassing criminalization
    17. Vandalism criminalization
    1. Assault weapon bans
    2. Drug abuse resistance education programs
    3. Emergency telephone hotlines
    4. Hot spot policing procedures
    5. Performance stat policing programs
    6. Restraining orders
    7. Officer Friendly programs
    8. Scared straight programs
    9. Sex offender registration requirements
    10. Smart gun requirements
    11. Stop-and-frisk programs
    12. Violence interrupter programs
    13. Weapon buyback programs
    14. Weapon magazine capacity limits
    15. Weapon purchase background check requirements
    1. Autopsy procedures
    2. Cold case reassignment procedures
    3. Crime reporting hotlines
    4. Search and seizure restrictions
    5. Search warrant issuance procedures
    6. Self-incrimination disclosure requirements (Miranda rights)
    7. Wiretapping procedures
  4. TRIAL
    1. Appellate court systems
    2. Bail posting requirements
    3. Community court systems
    4. Double jeopardy prohibitions
    5. Judicial appointment procedures
    6. Judicial election procedures
    7. Juror screening procedures
    8. Jury duty requirements
    9. Legal representation guarantees
    10. Peremptory challenge allowances
    11. Public defender offices
    12. Restorative justice programs
    13. Rules of criminal procedure
    14. Self-incrimination testimonial protections
    15. Speedy trial guarantees
    16. Witness protection programs
    17. Special master appointments
    1. Asset seizure procedures
    2. Community service sentencing
    3. Compensatory damage awards
    4. Concurrent sentencing allowances
    5. Death penalties
    6. House arrest procedures
    7. Indeterminate sentencing
    8. Juvenile sentencing restrictions
    9. Mandatory minimum sentencing requirements
    10. Public shaming penalties
    11. Punitive damage awards
    12. Three strike sentencing requirements
    13. Extradition agreements
    14. Inmate labor programs
    15. Prison privatization prohibitions
    16. Solitary confinement procedures
    1. Probation officers
    2. Shock incarceration programs
    3. Amnesty procedures
    4. Community service requirements
    5. Sentence commutations
    6. Executive pardons
    7. Parole allowances
    8. Supervised release programs


Education policies available for adoption can be viewed by clicking "Expand" on the right.

Economic Development

Economic Development policies available for adoption can be viewed by clicking "Expand" on the right.

  1. Business Attraction
    1. Business attraction marketing campaigns
    2. Shovel-ready certification programs
  2. Business Development
    1. Business incubator spaces
    2. Business plan competitions
    3. Disadvantaged business enterprise participation requirements
    4. Export-import banks
    5. Fair lending requirements
    6. Loan guarantee programs
    7. Loan insurance programs
    8. One-stop shop services
    9. Small business revolving loan funds
    10. Small business emergency loan funds
    11. Venture capital co-investments
  3. Industry Development
    1. Industry conference events
    2. Industrial park development
    3. Industry roundtable events
  4. Workforce
    1. Automation tax
    2. Basic income programs
    3. Disadvantaged individual income programs
    4. Disadvantaged workforce participation requirements
    5. Earned income tax credits
    6. Fair scheduling requirements
    7. Guaranteed minimum income programs
    8. Local workforce participation requirements
    9. Medical leave requirements
    10. Minimum wage requirements
    11. Negative income tax programs (EITC?)
    12. Overtime pay requirements
    13. Project labor agreements
    14. Self-serve gas station requirements
    15. Sick leave requirements
    16. Social dividend programs
    17. Summer youth employment programs
    18. Unemployment insurance programs
    19. Workplace discrimination restrictions
    20. Worker compensation insurance programs
    21. Worker compensation trust funds
    22. Workforce training tax credits
  5. Population
    1. Child care tax credits
    2. Child health insurance programs
    3. Child healthcare spending subsidies
    4. Immigrant investor programs
    5. Maximum child policies
    6. Open border agreements
    7. Parental leave requirements
    8. Tax-advantaged education savings accounts
    9. Tax-advantaged healthcare savings accounts
  6. Tourism Development
    1. Convention center development
    2. Historic and cultural site designations
    3. Landmark preservation requirements
    4. Monument development
    5. Outdoor recreation challenges
    6. Tourism advisory councils
    7. Tourism marketing campaigns
    8. Tourist-ready education programs
  7. Urban Development
    1. Brownfield cleanup tax credits
    2. Historic preservation tax credits
    3. Office park development
    4. Pedestrian superblock designations (e.g., in Barcelona)
    5. Property tax abatement programs
    6. Urban growth boundaries
  8. Technological Advancement
    1. Industrial effectiveness grants
    2. Prize-backed challenge programs
    3. Small business research grants
    4. Small business technology transfer grants


Health policies available for adoption can be viewed by clicking "Expand" on the right.

    1. Alcoholics anonymous programs
    2. Block shortening construction
    3. Controlled substance procedures
    4. Daylight savings time adjustments
    5. Dietary guidelines
    6. Drug abuse resistance education
    7. Employee wellness programs
    8. Discounted school lunch programs
    9. Drug treatment centers
    10. Fitness challenge award programs
    11. Food ingredient bans
    12. Food ingredient labeling requirements
    13. Food nutrition labeling requirements
    14. Incest prohibitions
    15. Indoor smoking restrictions
    16. Industry-funded public service announcement requirements
    17. Light therapy programs
    18. Menu labeling requirements
    19. Narcotics anonymous programs
    20. Pedestrian mall designations
    21. Prenatal vitamin distribution programs
    22. Public assistance beneficiary drug testing requirements
    23. Public service announcements
    24. Recreational facility development
    25. Residential building sound insulation programs
    26. Road narrowing construction
    27. School guidance counseling programs
    28. School lunch menu standards
    29. Sexually transmitted disease testing services
    30. Sidewalk bench construction programs
    31. School abstinence promotion sex education programs
    32. School sex education programs
    33. Smoke and carbon monoxide detector distribution programs
    34. Substance-based child advertising restrictions
    35. Artificial tanning regulations
    36. Sunscreen distribution programs
    37. Tree planting programs
    1. Allergy injection programs
    2. Asthma hot spotting programs
    3. Genetic testing programs
    4. Epinephrine autoinjector distribution programs
    5. Grocery store zoning incentives
    6. Hospice care programs
    7. Livestock drug use restrictions
    8. Medical alert accessory distribution programs
    9. Noise regulations
    10. Patient privacy regulations
    11. Physical educational programs
    12. School athletic programs
    13. Seizure dog programs
    14. Visiting nurse service programs
    15. Water supply fluoridation procedures
    1. Ambulatory intensive care units
    2. Blood drive programs
    3. Co-located primary and mental health services
    4. Community-based health navigation services
    5. Drug approval requirements
    6. Electronic health record standards
    7. Emergency medical treatment requirements
    8. Emergency room-based primary care services
    9. Health condition screening guidelines
    10. Maternal substance abuse cessation programs
    11. Medical side effect labeling requirements
    12. Mental health and primary care service colocation
    13. Palliative care programs
    14. Patient discharge monitoring procedures
    15. Patient medication compliance procedures
    16. Pharmaceutical side effect labeling requirements
    17. Public health care systems
    18. Telemedicine services
    1. Contraceptive distribution programs
    2. Immunization and vaccination service programs
    3. Outbreak martial law procedures
    4. Mosquito net distribution programs
    5. Needle exchange programs
    6. Quarantine procedures
    7. School immunization requirements
    8. Travel advisory programs
    9. Visa immunization requirements
    1. Capitation payment systems
    2. Child health insurance programs
    3. Health benefit tax exemptions
    4. Health insurance interruption protections
    5. Health insurance mandates
    6. Health insurance marketplaces
    7. Health expense saving accounts
    8. Pre-existing condition-based insurance denial bans
    1. Asbestos removal requirements
    2. Building material restrictions
    3. Food import restrictions
    4. Food recall requirements
    5. Lead blood testing and reporting requirements
    6. Poison control centers
    7. Vehicle idling restrictions
    8. Water chlorination procedures
    9. Water fluoridation procedures

Public Finance


Transportation policies available for adoption can be viewed by clicking "Expand" on the right.

  1. LAND TRANSPORTATION (Automobiles, Bicycles, Bus, Motorcycle, Pedestrian, Rail, Trucking, etc.)
    1. Driver handheld device use area designations
    2. Enhanced elderly driver licensing requirements
    3. Emergency stopping lane requirements (i.e., shoulders)
    4. Employer rideshare incentive recognition programs
    5. Enhanced driver assault penalties
    6. For-hire vehicle area of service restrictions (e.g., boro taxis)
    7. For-hire vehicle passenger bills of rights
    8. For-hire vehicle passenger complaint systems
    9. Informal carpool signage installation (i.e., slugging signs)
    10. Subsurface tunnel easement acquisition
    11. Traffic calming device gap allowances (for motorcycles to ride through without hitting, e.g., speed bumps)
    12. Transportation network company service regulations (e.g., Uber, Lyft - see: http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2015/01/29/uber-laws-a-primer-on-ridesharing-regulations/)
    13. Variable lane restrictions (e.g., real-time changes like solar roadways, no L turns on weekday mornings, etc.)
    14. Vehicle airbag requirements
    15. Vehicle fuel efficiency standards
    16. Vehicle fuel subsidies
    17. Vehicle towing and impounding programs
    18. Wholesaler warehousing requirements (i.e., at-rest laws)
    1. Beach nourishment
    2. Border crossing notification agreements
    3. Breakwater construction
    4. Dam construction
    5. Dredging
    6. Elevated road construction
    7. Lifeboat provision requirements
    8. Lift bridge construction
    9. Locks construction (of lock and dams)
    10. Levee construction
    11. Maritime container terminal construction
    12. Natural breakwater installation
    13. Naval escort deployments
    14. Naval patrol deployments
    15. Oil spill prevention procedure requirements
    16. Personal flotation device provision requirements
    17. Port construction
    18. Seawall construction
    19. Vessel emissions standards
  3. AIR TRANSPORTATION (Commercial, Freight, Private, Helicopters, etc.)
    1. Air transportation regulatory agreements
    2. Aircraft cabin air recirculation system requirements
    3. Airplane passenger bills of rights
    4. Airport accessibility standards
    5. Airport security checkpoints
    6. Building helipad provision requirements
    7. Cockpit access restrictions
    8. Flight manifest requirements
    9. Noise limitation controls
    10. Special passenger designations

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