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The Property "Includes goal of:" is used to populate goals at the lowest-level policy categories and on higher-level category pages.

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Education Accreditation +Goal: Increase the effectiveness of educational institutions in operation  +, Goal: Increase the effectiveness of educational credentials  +
Education Admissions +Goal: Increase student enrollment and matriculation rates  +, Goal: Increase the diversity of an institution’s student population  +, Goal: Increase enrollment from major supporter and donor families  +,
Education Attendance +Goal: Increase student attendance rates  +, Goal: Decrease preventable student attrition  +
Education Curriculum +Goal: Decrease the incidence of antisocial behaviors  +, Goal: Increase civic participation rates by students  +, Goal: Increase general educational attainment rates  +,
Education Facilities +Goal: Increase the utilization of education facility space  +, Goal: Increase access for those with physical limitations  +, Goal: Identify space for new schools  +
Education Governance +Goal: Provide an effective governance structure to manage education systems  +, Goal: Provide an effective organizational structure to manage educational institutions  +
Education Institution Finance +Goal: Increase the funding available to educational institutions  +, Goal: Decrease wealth-based discrepancies in education funding  +, Goal: Decrease the cost of education  +
Education Materials +Goal: Increase access to educational materials  +, Goal: Increase the effectiveness of educational materials  +
Education Remediation +Goal: Reduce education deficit for students behind peer group  +
Education Scheduling +Goal: Increase student retention of acquired knowledge  +, Goal: Increase the effectiveness of school scheduling  +
Education Staffing +Goal: Increase the effectiveness of educators  +, Goal: Increase the number of teachers from underrepresented groups  +, Goal: Increase the recruitment of effective educators  +,
Education Student Assessment +Goal: Improve the integrity of student testing  +
Education Student Finance +Goal: Increase the number of students able to finance education  +, Goal: Decrease the amount of outstanding student debt  +
Education System Finance +Goal: Increase the funding available to education districts and systems  +, Goal: Decrease wealth-based discrepancies in education funding  +