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Safety is a potential PolicyGraphic value with which to tag a policy. PolicyGraphics are tracked similarly to demographics in describing the scope and nature of a policy's adoption and implementation--where, at what level of government, and how commonly the policy is adopted, for example. The purpose of these tags will be to allow future users to filter for policies that are most salient for their jurisdictions. In other words, a city or county government official can search only for policies appropriate at the Local level, an urban school superintendent could search only for those policies appropriate for Urban areas, and so on.

For a list of this and other values, see Policy_Atlas:PolicyGraphics.

Policies with the value "Safety" for the PolicyGraphic "For Issue Type":
Automated parking systems
Automated traffic light camera enforcement systems
Bicycle lane design standards
Bicycle share programs
Bus lane designation
Car speed synchronization systems
Driver handheld device use restrictions
Driverless car allowances
General obligation bond financing
Helmet use requirements
Leading pedestrian interval standards
License plate monitoring systems
Linear park construction
Off-board transportation fare payment systems
On-bus bicycle parking rack installation
Pedestrian bridge construction
Pedestrian scramble designation
Pedestrian-only area designation
Protected bicycle intersection designations
Railbanking agreements
Seatbelt use requirements
Sidewalk bicycling restrictions
Sober driving vehicle checkpoints
Taxi medallion systems
Traffic signal synchronization systems
Unprotected bicycle lane designations
Vehicle emission reduction equipment requirements
Woonerf street construction