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----{{PA_Socialbox}}<br>{{PA_Newsbox}} ==Project Objectives==
'''PolicyAtlas''' is a non-partisan project to develop a user-contributed encyclopedia of public policy solutions. The goal of PolicyAtlas is to improve the information available to all levels of public policymakers, thereby leading to the adoption and design of superior public policies and better lives for all who are governed. More information can be found on our [[Policy_Atlas:About|About]] page.
PolicyAtlas soft launched recently with a blog post written by [ Neil Reilly] on the [ GovLab Observatory]. Follow @PolicyAtlas and contact us on:
*[[File:Twitter_Icon.png|20px]] [ Twitter]
*[[File:Facebook_Icon.png|20px]] [ Facebook]
*[[File:Instagram_Icon.png|20px]] [ Instagram]
If you are a policy student or professor who is interested in incorporating the submission of a PolicyAtlas entry into your course curriculum, please visit our [[Policy_Atlas:Student_Learning_Module|Student Learning Module]] page and send us an [ email].
====Project Objectives====
Ultimately, PolicyAtlas seeks to become the world's most useful and widely available reference for public policy. Relying on policy students and volunteer wiki editors, PolicyAtlas is the first attempt at a policy “catalog,” or an organized gateway through which policymakers would identify policy solutions that meet their goals and find links to more information about them ("the Atlas"). The Atlas is organized by policy area (e.g., "Education policy") and goals within that public policy area (e.g., "Policies to increase student attendance rates"). A sample policy can be found on the [[Driverless car allowances]] page.
====Policy Areas====Categories of public policy that are currently being developed or are envisioned to be featured in the Atlas include, but are not limited to:*Agriculture*'''[[:Category:Criminal Justice|Criminal Justice]]''' ({{PAGESINCAT:Criminal Justice}} policy)*Economic Development*'''[[:Category:Education|Education]]''' ({{PAGESINCAT:Education}} policies)*Energy*Environment*Governance*Health*'''[[:Category:Public Finance|Public Finance]]''' ({{PAGESINCAT:Public_Finance}} policies)*'''[[:Category:Transportation|Transportation]]''' ({{PAGESINCAT:Transportation}} policies) ====Sample Policy Category: Education====
"Category" pages exist to organize and classify content on the Atlas around specific fields of public policy such as [[:Category:Education|Education]], [[:Category:Public Finance|Public Finance]], or [[:Category:Transportation|Transportation]] policy. Each Category page automatically populates a list of all public policies in that field on the Atlas as well as the field's common [[:Policy_Atlas:Stakeholders|Stakeholders]] and [[:Policy_Atlas:Goals|Goals]]. Below are several screenshots from the [[:Category:Education|Category:Education]] page.
====Sample Goal: Increase the efficiency of automobile traffic====
Each policy on the Atlas is tagged with specific [[Policy_Atlas:Goals|Goals]], or desired outcomes for which the policy might be adopted. Each goal has its own page listing all policies that have been associated with that goal, allowing policymakers to browse for policies by goal in order to identify more policy ideas. Below is a screenshot from [[Goal: Increase the efficiency of automobile traffic]].
====Sample Policy: Driverless car allowances====
Each public policy on the Atlas has its own page, based on a common [[Template]], that summarizes the policy's potential benefits, tradeoffs, adoption history, stakeholders, and underlying scholarly research. Ultimately, the Atlas is intended to cover a wide range of policy categories and [[Policy_Types|Policy Types]]. Below is a screenshot from the policy page for [[Driverless car allowances]].
 ====Content on the Atlas====
For handy reference materials that outline the type of content on our site, please see:
*'''[[Policy_Types|Policy Types]]''': lists the types of policies catalogued in the Atlas.
*'''[[Policy_Atlas:Adopters|Adopters]]''': how the Atlas includes information on jurisdictions that have adopted each policy.
====Get Involved====
If you'd like to get started as a PolicyAtlas contributor, make sure to:
# [[Special:UserLogin|Log-in or create an account]]

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