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Dear User,

Welcome to PolicyAtlas! We are thrilled that you have signed up for what we hope will be an interesting and educational experience, and we welcome your contributions to what we hope will ultimately become a valuable resource for policymakers.

Congrats! You've reached your "Talk" page. Every user has one at " By editing another user's Talk page, you can leave messages for them or inform them of discussions that may be of interest to them. Edits to the page will be flagged as messages to the users upon log-in.

A few other tips and tricks to help you get started:

  1. Adopting a policy: If you're in Professor Smith's class, you should feel free to edit the Available Policies page to add your username next to the policy of your choice and email the team in order to reserve it. If not, Professor Mondschein's class list will be available after your class discussion.
  2. Creating a policy page: If you need a reminder, check out the Instructions page for how to bring your policy into existence.
  3. Experimenting with edits: If you're uneasy about editing your page just yet, why not head over to the Policy_Atlas:Sandbox? The Sandbox is a place to have fun and experiment. For example, you can add some Hipster Ipsum, create new ===headings===, bold and italicize text, or maybe even add a tag -- e.g., "Providers - Textbooks" to see how the site is designed to fit together once built out.
  4. Following your classmates: The best way to follow the action is to check out the Special:RecentChanges page, where you can see the latest changes to the entire wiki, along with which users made them. You can also find a list of users over at Special:ListUsers.
  5. Giving us feedback: Remember, by participating on the Atlas, you're participating in a brand new experiment in policymaking and contributing to a centralized resource for available policy knowledge! We're constantly learning and working to get better, so it is extremely helpful for us to hear your perspectives on what about the site needs a lot of work, what's missing, and what should go away. Email us at with whatever ideas, struggles, or excitement that's on your mind.

Lastly, for updates (albeit intermittent ones at the moment), you can check us out on Twitter @ | PolicyAtlas, and if you have any other questions, as always, just email us at, copying your professor wherever appropriate.

Welcome to the Atlas!

-The Atlas Robot

Atlas MessengerBot (talk) 04:26, 9 October 2015 (UTC)